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Vanishing America: The Drive-In Theater {Gadling}

Jun 4th 2012 8:30AM

Families loved drive-in movies for a number of reasons. 1) kids could be in pajamas and go to sleep during the second feature. 2) Usually less expensive.
Remember $1 per car night ? 3) No need to dress up. 4) You could bring
your picnic basket or cooler and enjoy food from home. 5) Smoking was no
problem. As the late sixites and early seventies arrived so did more adult
films. Families were shut out of those attractions. Most drive-ins were not
first-run and could double up some fun older films on the cheap. As video became popular the older films were no longer available to the drive-ins. Then the
window between first-run and video became very short. I believe drive-ins
could still make it profitably if the old films were available to them. A movie
is still new if you haven't seen it. A Ma and Pa Kettle film and a Joel McCrea
western double feature would still get my family to the drive-in on a Saturday night. As for daylight savings always had that and it didn't seem
to slow them down much. Oh, I remember seeing PSYCHO in a drive-in on
a rainy night all by myself. Scared the ---- out of me.

Rough Cuts: Give Doris Day an Oscar, Already {Moviefone Blog}

Jun 5th 2010 8:12AM

Frank Sinatra said she was the greatest female ballad singer. If you want to see a great comedic female at the top of her form watch the first ten minutes of PLEASE ON'T EAT THE DAISIES. Doris Day has always been my favorite screen and recording artist. Mmmmmmmmm.

'Vulgar' Betty White Kills on 'SNL' Hosting Debut {PopEater}

May 9th 2010 1:35AM

I enjoyed Betty's monologue. I hadn't seen SNL in over fifteen years. It was dumb then. It still is. Betty should have skipped this gig. I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich (with the sound off) during the so-called musical segment.
Earlier in the evening I watched a DVD of THE PHILADELPHIA STORY with Hepburn, Grant and Stewart. That was REAL entertainment.

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