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'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans Investigated For Brutal Brawl {PopEater}

Mar 25th 2011 6:11PM

This girl is a waste of breathing space. Good lord, another loser thinking that everybody owes them something. She'll be another deadbeat draining society when she finally starts collecting welfare. Her mother should kick her to the curb and leave her there. What a waste.

Video: Watch 'Jo' From 'Teen Mom 2' Rap {PopEater}

Mar 25th 2011 6:06PM

This guy is a joke. He a poor example for a father and treats women like crap. His parents enable him and his brother to live at home, disrespect people and, meanwhile, procreate even though they can't even take care of themselves.

Girl, 9, Gets Hit by Truck, Saves Her Little Sister's Life {ParentDish}

Mar 17th 2011 7:53AM

Yes, I agree. We need to stop blaming the mother. This sounds like one of those freak accidents that we will never be able to understand or comprehend. This little girl is to be admired, for being able to put someone else before herself at such a young age. Kudos to her mother, for that kind of selflessness is learned by watching others. What a truly special little girl.

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