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First? The Hoff Shocked 'Dancing' Fans Dropped Him So Fast {PopEater}

Sep 22nd 2010 4:33PM

I don't know why he's surprised! The other tall guy, the NBA player, was graceful and did a nice job, so the Hoff can't put his poor show down to his size. I can't believe that Kyle was in that last 2 couples either, he was terrific! Much better than Cho and Palin and 'the Situation'. We'll just have to keep watching I suppose!

Michelle Obama Style - The First Lady Earns a Gold Medal in Fashion {StyleList (Main)}

Oct 4th 2009 3:50AM

Do you really believe all this nonsense you are writing? Do you know how stupid it makes you look when you write comments that everyone knows are not true but mearly the rantings of people like Limbaugh, Beck and the like. Some people will belive anything! Please people get informed and read mainstream, non partisan information before you speak! Also this was meant to be comments about Michelle's dress, so where does your lies fit in with fashion?
Michelle Obama is short waisted and the belts are a great accessory on her, didn't any of you ever see Audrey Hepburn? If you must be critical, thats fine, but please leave out the hateful personal remarks. What's happening to people these days, all this hate and lies.
Also learn to spell and use grammar!

Susan Boyle Goes Glam {PopEater}

Aug 7th 2009 12:37AM

I love the photo of Susan at the piano and she has this little pixie face. I think this was not a make over so much as someone making the most of what was hidden under the neglected look she had previously. From one Scottish girl to another, ( Glasgow born and bred)'you're a wee smasher hen'! Go get them!

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