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Army to Court Martial Officer Who Doubts Obama Was Born in U.S. {Politics Daily}

Apr 15th 2010 12:05PM

A racist america is what this is all about, and if you say it's not, then add LIARS. Face it and live with it, a Black man, born in America is President. To all birthers and T(potters)partiers, you're such whinners and losers. Further, he IS the most eloquent President in the last century. And what President hasn't used a teleprompter? (duh) It's more elegant than writing notes on your hand... So elementary.

Too Much Adulation as Woods Contends {Fanhouse - Jay Mariotti}

Apr 10th 2010 11:36AM

Jay is a hater and has always been a hater. Like he never screwed around. All the finger pointers out there who just never got caught, get a life. It's NO ONES BUSINESS except his wife. If walls could talk...
J needs to fess up about him and those lil boys, rght j?

Did Minnesota Run Up the Score? {Fanhouse NFL Blog}

Jan 18th 2010 12:29PM

boo-who, boo-who... whyyyyyyyyy, oh whyyyyyyy, we was s'pose to win the super bowl... not the cry-baby bowl.... why oh why,,, booo-who-boo-who...
sob, sob, sob... sob, sob sob... bwahhhhh, bwahhhhh, bwahhhhh....
Oh, by the way JJ stay ur blank blank in the owners box and stop freaking the coach and players out looking over their shoulders...

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