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Holly Madison Told to Lose Weight for 'Peepshow' {PopEater}

Jan 12th 2011 9:48AM

Stop it! You're turning me on!

Old McCain vs. 'That One' {Politics Daily}

Oct 8th 2008 11:26AM

Neil, check the facts. Boop's statements about Ayers and Obama's associations with Ayers are facts and easily backed up. Boop makes good points about why isn't the media investigating this? If there's nothing to it then present the facts and the public will decide but they won't even investigate it. The question is Obama's judgement not that he is a terrorist. I believe he was working with Ayers solely to make money. You would think that Obama would try not to be associated with Ayers in any capacity because Ayers was a terrorist. Not avoiding that association shows his lack of judgement as does other misteps like agreeing to meet one-on-one with Iran's Admenijad as President without preconditions (yes, diplomacy is necessary but not by the President, but instead by a diplomat for the U.S.). One correction I would make to Boop's statement is that it is spelled Annenberg not Anninberg.

McCain/Palin Crowd Getting Ugly {Politics Daily}

Oct 8th 2008 11:01AM

I'm self-employed and employed by an employer (about equal pay in both). The government takes about 50% of my self-employment wages and 30% of my employer wages. I can't afford any more taxes.

Democrats have always raised taxes when they get elected no matter what they say when they run. Just look at Clinton! I can't cut back any more to pay for the Democrats and their big government. I'm voting for McCain.

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