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War Vet Accuses Pacifist Landlady of Discrimination {AOL Real Estate}

Jun 5th 2012 5:57PM

She belongs to a "civil rights group" Yet has no qualms about denying him his civil rights..............." Hypocrisey at its finest

90 Teens Pregnant in One Memphis School {ParentDish}

Jan 21st 2011 9:43AM

Sure in 'theory, and real life fantasy" boys should (and are0 responsible for the pregnancy. BUT, its precisely this attitude that helps gets these girls pregnant. "Come on baby i won't let you get pregnant". The reality of it all is, if the girl does not take responsibility for the action, it will happen. Also the reports of huge blogs appearing on the net regarding "How do I get on 16 and pregnant" is a scarey foreboding warning of how impressionable and naive these girls are. Shows like skins, with rampant sexual behavior (and very little consequence) do not help.

50 Cent Makes $8.7 Million by Tweeting {BV Newswire}

Jan 11th 2011 11:26PM

50 cent , continues to display an uncanny business sense. I remember his endorsement deal of one of the "vitamin water" type beverages, he took stock as part of the endorsement payment. Shortly afterward one of the large soda companies bought the company. Netting him a huge sum of money.I applaud his business savy, or at least his ability to surround himself with smart people.

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