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Markus Klinko on His Keep a Child Alive Celebrity Campaign Starring Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys, Katie Holmes and More {StyleList (Main)}

Oct 4th 2010 7:21AM

And you'd be wrong in saying so. This charity was started by Alicia Keys and Leigh Blake like 8 years ago. Alicia got behind Leigh's vision and helped her start the foundation after a visit to numerous African nations seeing the affect that HIV/Aids was having on the families. You should really research before you assume. Not ALL celebs do things for their image/theattention. Some of them actually have kind souls & beautiful hearts that bleed empathy for the less fortunate.

Jay-Z Opens Up About Beyonce in Rolling Stone {PopEater}

Jul 6th 2010 11:01PM

What the hell are YOU looking at!? She's clearly leaning INTO him, not away from him...

Adriana Lima Introduces Baby Valentina to the World {PopEater}

Jun 13th 2010 9:54PM


It clearly said she delivered the baby 6 weeks early after it was discovered she had preeclampsia. Which means her baby was actually due late December, meaning she got preggo in March over a month after marrying on V-Day

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