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David Arquette: I Thought Courteney Was Having an Affair {PopEater}

Feb 25th 2011 2:38PM

What a piece of work. I'm susprised she stayed with his drunk a@# as long as she did. No wonder it took her so long to get pregnant, look what she had to work with. If he has been drunk for 30 years hes an emotional baby and will always be because the booze blocks the ability to learn those all so important emotional lessions. The youngest in birth order and a drunk for most of his life! It would take a miricle for him to be anything other than what he has always been- a big drunk kid. He can't change it's too late. She should divorce him and find someone who has a normal emotional IQ. She needs it and her child needs it. If he stays sober he is going to be one pisser to live with and she is going to have to deal with a sober man with the coping mechs of a 9 year old child. Run Courtney Run!!

Women's Day 9 Recap: Serena Heads To Quarters with Ease {Fanhouse Tennis}

Jun 3rd 2010 7:10AM

You can't win them all. She's a great player and she will win more. Now we have the chance to see some optimism in the other players. Now there is a real chance they could win. Being the very best at your game is great for the individual but for the spectator in a sport like tennis it gets boring after a while.

Little Girl Can't Let go as Sergeant Daddy Leaves For Iraq {ParentDish}

Oct 8th 2009 2:49PM

This hits me right in the heart and I'm not the sentimental type. I hope with all my heart that that wonderful little sweetie getting her daddy back safe and sound. Huggs Paige

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