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Obese passenger forces neighbor on US Airways flight to stand for 7 hours {Gadling}

Nov 23rd 2011 5:58PM

What a great idea James! That is such a simple solution to a horrible situation. The airlines won't do it for they always say everything costs too much. You get the award today for being right and smart!

First Boeing 787 commercial aircraft damaged by airline {Gadling}

Oct 24th 2011 5:37PM

Wow - AOL has been around for 30 years? I thought I had it a long time lol. I remember having Compuserve in the 80's and thought it was wonderful lol. Very interesting but maybe more interesting is I love AOL. I have tried other ISP's through the years, but always come back to AOL. Thanks for the post, we learn something new every day!

Demi Moore is looking too skinny (VIDEO) (PHOTOS) {Celestrellas}

Oct 18th 2011 5:15PM

You mean all I have to do to lose weight is have a bad marriage? Crap, I need a husband!

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