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Walmart, Target 'Small Box' Stores to Compete with Small Businesses {AOL Small Business}

Jun 18th 2011 7:08AM

walmart is great ion our area a little high on their food here but other wise a great store to the person talking about trialer trash you are thr kind of person that talks behind peoples back i live in a quote mobile home its worth 20,000.00 more if i remolded i work very hard and so does my wife she woprks for a local home for mentally and phYSIAL HANDICAP CHILDREN OUR IN COME IS AROUND 4000.00 BRIONG HOME OUR HOME IS PAID OFF AND WE ONKLY HAVE ONE KID AT HOME OUT OF THREE we have summa plus insurance and are covered we shop at walamart home depot as other stores in towns i beleive that the word traioler trash should be out lawed and a crime to say it you are probably one of those thight wadded walet people that shop any where that saves you a few dollors how dare you talk about other people the weak and meek shay inhabit the earth i beleive he said look in the mirror cast the fisst ston e or throgh rocks at your glass home shame on you about talking about other people and god bless you

LeAnn Rimes and Her Trainer Defend Thin Frame {PopEater}

Jun 10th 2011 7:31AM

as i said before she looks like she is starved to death she use to be such a pretty lady now she looks so malnurshed like she has a disease does she have some kind of diease if so tell us

Bikini Clad Tori Spelling and Family Hit the Beach (Photos) {PopEater}

Jun 1st 2011 7:29AM

i believe pregnent women are the most beautiful in this time her skin is softer she has some meat on her bones they are usally a little warmer to the touch and there is i repeat there is no greater time to have sex but when a women is pregnent thats the truth girls

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