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Have Rosie and Elisabeth Called a Truce? Former Foes Bond Over Kids, Gluten {PopEater}

May 17th 2011 8:35AM

Dan, unless you are a teenage male, you need to seek counseling. You need to discover why you are SO hostile toward people you don't even know. It must be fun to be around you. Ask the women in your life. You are probably overbearing and impossible to live with. Get a gripe, buddy. You are over the line and need help.

Kanye Apologizes For Swift Debacle... But Is It Too Late? {PopEater}

Sep 14th 2009 5:16PM

It looks from your pictures that he is trying to lose himself in a bottle. How many celebrities do that? His way of acting out is different from most everyone else--some get violent, some get nasty, some think they can do no wrong. Who ever heard of someone interupting award shows to disagree? How silly and stupid. I'm afraid he has not gotten through his grief over his mother's death. They were close, really close and she was young. Poor guy, he's hurting, but he has to stop being so stupid--maybe he needs to stay away from award shows, if he can't keep his mouth shut. Be a grown-up, Kanya.

New Book Explores the Life of Openly Gay Boxing Champ Emile Griffith {Fanhouse Boxing Blog}

Jun 2nd 2008 11:12AM

Where does this misinformation come from? Animals in MOST species engage in "homosexual" behaviors (same sex mounting, genital snifing and licking)! Some take same sex partners(of course, a minority. Some of my female dogs have mounted other females. How could you not seem these behaviors? Why, with NO EVIDENCE or, probably, CONTRARY EVIDENCE, people just state this untruth as if everyone knows and accepts it, is an ABOMINATION!
Next, what gives you the knowledge of what causes some human behavior that you do not display and have not studied scientifically? You are talking through your hat! Did you consciously choose to be attracted to women? Why are you so threatened by homosexuals? Homosexuals have no more choice than heterosexuals do about WHO they love. Get a life and learn compassion for those who are not like you.

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