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Troops Boo Kathy Griffin for Bristol Palin Fat Jokes {PopEater}

Dec 6th 2010 4:26PM

The Marines most likely didn't like hearing some 50 year old women slamming a 20 year old girl.

Griffin is just another Palin hater. Most of those people just hop on a bandwagon and couldn't tell you anything about the politics of Sarah, Bristol's life, pretty much anything.

They just thrive on picking people to hate and people like Griffin use those simpletons to earn a living.

Josh Harris: I Won't Let My Dad's Dreams Die {PopEater}

Jun 17th 2010 2:08PM

I think you showed who was really the White Trash. Why not go for that proverbial walk on the dock...a nice long one...

25 Lamest of 2009 (contd) {Cinematical}

Dec 31st 2009 3:24PM

Poor Roman, don't you people know how difficult it is to run from the law for all those years. Why, having to be in a European mansion and going to all those great places for all that time is the same as serving time in Prison!

And of course a 13 year old can consent. Granted you have to give her a lude and some wine, but what the heck, he was young himself.

The writer has a sick concept of what's right to think that this girl who was sodomized and used like a toy gave consent.

And no offense to her, lord knows how she what she went through back then, but it's up to society, to the law to see that he is prosecuted. How many victims would just say drop it, in order to end the pain. The fault isn't with that desire but with others who would support it to just make it end also.

Read the police report of how she cried, asking to go home and good ole Roman did it to her again, just one for the road.

How about saving your concern for others, not for this criminal scum.

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