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Overweight Moms, Children Think They're Thinner Than They Really Are, Study Shows {ParentDish}

Mar 24th 2011 6:13PM

I have traveled across this country and shopped in its supermarkets. I've found no difficulty finding healthy foods in most of them, but I've observed families - overweight parents and their overweight children - cramming three or four shopping carts with junk foods (sugar-filled cereals, cookies, frozen pizzas, potato chips, sodas, prepared cheeseburgers, sodium-laced "skillet meals", mac-&-cheese, etc.). In some of these markets. particularly in the Midwest, I have seen people twenty to thirty years younger than I (I am 70) who are so morbidly obese that they have to ride electric scooters because their legs can't support their weight. I am a gourmet cook (a hobby) and what I cook is by no means a "diet" menu. I do control portions, however. A portion of meat, fowl or fish is the size of my hand (whichis smallish). I serve potatoes (usually boiled or roasted in their skins), rice (boiled with chicken, vegetabel or beef broth and herbed or with spices). I serve fish twice a week. My specialties are Middle-eastern and African cuisines. I do serve beef on occasion, but my primary red meat is lamb. I also serve pork, which is now a light meat. For dessert I usually serve fruit in one form or another. It may be with yougurt, sorbet or even crepes. I weigh 165 lbs. and have no trouble maintaining my weight.

Super Bowl Cameras Catch Cameron Diaz Feeding A-Rod {PopEater}

Feb 7th 2011 5:55PM

Do we really care?

Julianne Moore Wears Single-Sleeve, Two-Tone Dress {StyleList (Main)}

Oct 27th 2010 4:55PM

You could hang a tarp on Ms. Moore & she'd still look great. I'm not really sold on the dress, but she's a classy lady.

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