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Sarah Palin: Levi Welcome at Thanksgiving Table; Johnston Declines {ParentDish}

Nov 14th 2009 12:06PM

Sarah Palin is a light weight who was lucky enough to get public recognition because McCain was stupid enough to pick her. He thought she would pull in Hillary Clinton's supporters. He just assumed with her being a governor she had working brains, what he found was a greedy person . Ask him what he thinks now. As far as McCain people, they realized what they were dealing with, someone who looked good in clothes. So they dressed her up and let her say as little as possible, but with her thinking this was her main chance, she wanted her say. They tried like hell to keep her as quiet as they could, but "Thank the Lord" they could not. You can't be mad at her because she is using this opportunity to fill her bank account. But president material no, she is not altruistic, she is all about what's in it for her. She speaks in cliches. She did not write her book, she told her story to a writer.

I truly believe there is a CD republicans play at night when they sleep because they all say the same thing over and over and over.
Listen to them. Its like they have the "Stedford Syndrome" (Like the Stedford Wives) repeating the same mantra over & over.

Rihanna Tells Diane Sawyer: I'm 'Embarrassed' I Loved Chris Brown {PopEater}

Nov 5th 2009 8:55PM

I want to know why she is speaking again? I don't have respect for anyone who feels the need to hit another person for any reason. I also, don't have respect for anyone who uses something tragic to get publicity for themselves. Rhianna wants to help girls, Yeah Right! Rhianna wants to sell her music. Rhianna is doing damage control, making sure she is spotlighted again as the victim. Because she also lost some fans following that incident.

If you look at Chris Brown pictures, before this incident you will see he is mean by the way he holds his mouth.

If you look at Rhianna in her photos they show she believes her own hype. (That people actually put her on a pedestal).


Michelle Obama Chops Off Her Hair! (Not). {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 23rd 2009 6:38PM

You sound like an ASS.

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