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Confessions of an Occasionally Bad Pet Owner {Pawnation OLD}

Dec 21st 2011 1:48PM

My wife and i did adopt we are very lucky to have a very smart dog cody he is great love him all the time

Wendy's Fries vs. McDonald's Fries: Taste Test {Slashfood}

Apr 21st 2011 12:07PM

THE best Restruant Around is Scotties Out in forest grove oregon Best of every thing come on out give them a shot :P...........SLURP yummy

'Imagine' Lyrics -- Remembering John Lennon {AOL Music Blog}

Apr 4th 2011 12:19PM

John was a great person we all have the sides that others dont agree with but john made sence if john were here today paul ringo AND MOST OF THE PEOPLE around the WORLD would be so much HAPPYER John we miss you take care

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