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9 Best Places to Retire {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 31st 2013 1:35PM

hmm unless I read the chart wrong.. looked like Wy does have a state income tax???

TSA Officers Fired After Stealing From Passengers {Gadling}

Sep 28th 2012 12:31PM

How much longer do we have to put up with this stupid entity at our airports? Way past time to go back to the 1990's and rid ourselves of this agency!! Simply use the Isralie idea of profiling at the airport with just a few employees--- not the thousands we now have standing around, stealing, and acting like cops.

How the Foreclosure Settlement Could Affect You {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 9th 2012 11:48PM

Actually, this settlement, if you really study the fine details is LOT of "smoke and mirrors". The 2k actually reads "up to 2K" (most will NOT get 2K) It only covers 5 major banks.. There is a taxpayer cost to having someone monitor it ..(cost not disclosed)... What will the States do with the billions they receive??? Lots of unanswered questions within the fine print of this agreement... all of which, will end up costing the taxpayers and investors since the various funds our retirement accounts have invested in ---- will, most likely, because of this agreement, "take a hit" !!

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