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'Blue Bloods' Series 1, Episode 1 (Series Premiere) Recap (VIDEO) {AOL TV}

Sep 28th 2010 1:24AM

I like the show because sometimes it feels good to slip into something comfortable. I didn't like the directing but I loved the casting and the set - NYC - how can you beat it? They'll make it work.

Moviefone Minute: A New Name for 'Mission Impossible 4' and 'Avatar' Box Office Blues {Moviefone Blog}

Aug 30th 2010 8:37PM

Jenna Busch is an untalented idiot. She's never made a movie. She's never starred in anything. No one will remember her name - who? So take your negative ridiculous point of view and your extremely unflattering hairdo and find a job where you can create instead of destroy. Boring.

The 2010 Emmy Awards Had a Great Host, but Odd Pacing {AOL TV}

Aug 30th 2010 6:59PM

Jimmy Fallon is extremely talented and it made me want to watch more of him and his show. A great host - non-intrusive and quick and clever. The show did present one thing - television has changed and it is more powerful now than ever before. You could see the quality of actors/actresses/directors that have made television a must-see all over the world. It was long and there were boring things, but it was very very classy and NBC allowed themselves to be the butt of the Conan jokes - no censorship. Welcome to American television.

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