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The Country's Biggest Tourist Trap: South of the Border {Gadling}

Jul 18th 2011 2:53PM

I gather that the writer is a spoiled little boy with an air of superiority and a serious lack of both humor and worldliness. (And and abundance of poor writing skills...)

SOB, as mentioned, is half-century-old icon of tackiness and hilarity. Your "advice" here is about as apropos as giving "advice" to those wanting to get hitched in Vegas. Everyone already knows about it. It's supposed to be a joke.

You're actually giving shopping tips and admonitions for South of the Border?!? Seriously? What's next, frowning psychological critiques of the Jerry Springer Show?

Blake Shelton Under Fire for Gay Jokes on Twitter {AOL Music Blog}

May 6th 2011 11:15AM

Oh for Pete's sake! I'm a lesbian and I am heartily ashamed of GLAAD's complete and utter lack of sense of humor and reality. Get a grip, you self-important, martyring, persecution-complexed whiners!! I'm a fan of Blake Shelton's and he is by no stretch a homophobe...Both these instances where GLAAD has gotten its little panties in a wad are a MISTAKE on Glaad's part. They don't get it. Total lack of sense of humor or intelligence.

Quit looking for drama and do some real work. No one gives a flying canoe about some tweet from Blake Shelton that you misunderstood.

Larry King Tweaks Anderson Cooper: 'Let's See What She's Up To' {PopEater}

Mar 11th 2011 11:25AM

Since when is it a "nasty quip" to point out that someone is gay? I mean, is it a "nasty quip" to refer to someone's Jewish background? Is it a "nasty quip" to point out that Obama is black?

Howsabout joining the 21st Century, Rob Shuter.

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