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Second Mel Gibson Phone Call Released, More Racist Rants Ensue {PopEater}

Jul 13th 2010 9:26AM

There is an exemption for threats of criminal behavior; very narrow, but this should qualify as one party making threats against the physical well being of the second party.

CariDee English Reveals Pictures of Her Painful Battle with Psoriasis: '70% of My Body was Covered' {StyleList (Main)}

Jun 7th 2010 8:08AM

A woman with guts, willing to step up and try to help others.

That-- I like.

How We'll Prevent Costly Mistakes at the Pump {Translogic}

May 18th 2010 2:37PM

Back in the 1930's it was suggested that diesel fuel nozzles be triangular, that gasoline nozzles be round, and that they be sized so that they could not be crossed up-- the tips of the triangle would prevent it from going into the round hole, the larger diameter of the round gasoline tube would keep it out of the diesel tank.

The fact that "service stations" were places where a person who knew what they were doing was the person handling the gas-- not the driver-- that made it less important because you had someone who did this all the time there, holding the nozzle, and it really was not a problem.

The problem NOW is the rise of the idiot.

The guy who thinks he doesn't need to pay attention, that things ought to be so anyone with an IQ that rivals room temperature should be able to do anything-- that the idiots ought to be able to do anything, anytime, anywhere.


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