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Victoria's Secret Destroys Returned, Unworn Merchandise {StyleList (Main)}

Apr 27th 2011 3:28PM

If the person got back her money ,why should she care if the company want's to cut up their clothes,onless she wanted the pant back and her money .My concern would only be if i can't get back my money and knownly there something wrong with the item.It goes to show u can't please everyone .

Kelsey and Camille Grammer Reach Deal in Divorce {PopEater}

Feb 8th 2011 8:58AM

I'm glad kelsey is getting away from camille ,she does have a problem ,she is a liar, she makes things up in her mind to be true ,even on the housewifes she said kyle try to make her look
bad ,she make her self look bad ,she had her friend to start with
kyle at the dinner saying all bad things about her kids & husband and look who the woman was talking about ,camille &kelsey
u know what they say becareful on what u wish for other people
camille the one acts like a child when she can't get her way.
camille go asks kyle back for the book u gave her u really need it.

Kyle Richards Apologizes for 'Housewives' Brawl with Sister Kim {PopEater}

Jan 24th 2011 12:48PM

I like the HOUSEWIFE SHOW, it keeps u on edge waiting to see what's going to happen each time u see it ,Lisa need to get rid of her house quest,he's useing them.He 37yrs old let him get a life, his own.Well I'm glad things back firer on camilla with her fake friend the psyhic,seem like she wasn't talking about
kyle & her husband after all ,Camillia got what she desever she
invited that woman to stir trouble up with kyle at the dinner
and now she the one lost her husband .It all good .taylor get out of hollywood .

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