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Kim Kardashian's Wedding Will Make Her Millions {PopEater}

May 26th 2011 12:21PM

Kardashian has more money than he does so the concept she is using him for money is ludicrous. Right now he is a reserve player albeit on the rise in the NBA. FOLKS,,,,LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!!!!!!!!. We have killer tornadoes in the midwest and all of the screeching hypocrits are out in full force. Conduct yourself properly in your own life and dont judge others with such a jaundiced eye. We are ALL perfectly imperfect!!!!.

Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks Cover W Magazine {PopEater}

May 13th 2011 10:16PM

Maybe you would appreciate being put out to pasture as well. I agree that Julia Roberts is at times annoying but Tom Hanks is not ancient and just needs to pick some better scripts. Why would folks their age just stroll into the sunset?. Betty White is still kicking posterior so why not Hanks and Roberts?.

The Walker Brothers' John Walker Dies {Spinner}

May 9th 2011 11:31AM

Hugh Jordan,you are mixing up John Walker with Clint Walker who played in the show ''Cheyenne''and the Dirty Dozen. They were not related.

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