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Brad Pitt Gets A Visit From His Girls (Photo) {PopEater}

Jun 22nd 2011 1:54PM

I agree. It is very distressing to see that little girl continually dressed in boy's clothing at her young age.... especially, since Angelina is always dressed in stylish, couture attire- and the other children are dressed appropriately. If this child was older (12 and up) and wanted to dress like a boy - then she is old enough to express herself and make that choice. But, at this young age to be almost deliberately dressing her like a boy since she was little - it is more than weird.

'Housewives' Hubby Simon van Kempen Gets His Own Spinoff (Web) Show {PopEater}

Jan 18th 2011 5:21PM

They should call it "Simply Simon!" -- I like Simon and Alex - and I'm sure it will be all in cheeky fun.

Is NBC Dead? {Inside TV Blog}

Oct 4th 2009 9:20PM

If the writing is good - the show is good. That's why old programs like: "Seinfeld" - "MASH" - "MARY TYLER MOORE" - and other shows are STILL great. The writer rules..... enough with the quirky, boring garbage -- get some solid writers... Larry David's show on HBO is hilarious -- because the writing is great.

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