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Hotel And Event Hosts Sued By Family Of Girl Killed Sliding Down A Banister {Gadling}

Jul 28th 2012 7:14AM

It is a pity that American's cannot accept responsiablity for there actions. Stupidity is not a reason for a law suit, but today the lawyers make everthing a law suit? She got what she deserved.

Where was Abe Lincoln's summer home? Hint: it wasn't in the Hamptons {Gadling}

Mar 24th 2012 9:09PM

I can see Obama doing that today. Right It would be nice to see some of our politicians starting with the President in cutting back on the cars, plains and other forms of transportation that we provide for him and the rest of the loosers on Capital Hill. They keep saying we have to cut but I don't see them cutting anything from the many perks that we pay for. It is just cut from the people. Like President Lincoln would be embarrassed by what has happen to our great country since he held office.

Shakira gets her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame {Celestrellas}

Nov 9th 2011 7:13PM

Who is she, never heard of her and why is this ad in a language that English speaking and readers can't understand? Why is this happening, if you want to live here and talk American Dolloars at least be able to speak and read our language? What do whe have to do hire a translater to read this shit?

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