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Neighbors From Hell: What You Can Do to Stop the Bullies Next Door {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 21st 2012 6:22PM

UM,,Warwick R.I. has 39 miles of shore line?????? I don't think so!!

Occupy Our Homes Launches TV Ad Campaign to Fight Foreclosures {AOL Real Estate}

Aug 18th 2012 7:14PM

When you buy a house you are asked, "do you understand that if you do not make your payments the bank will take over the the house?" EVERYONE says YES!!! You can not keep the house if you don't PAY FOR IT!

Bernanke: Fed Should Help Turn Foreclosures Into Rentals {AOL Real Estate}

Jan 5th 2012 4:33PM

Just when you think you have heard all of the dumb ideas government can come up with they top themselves!!I don't think it takes a MENSA member to know that the houses would be filled with squatters who will never pay the rent and wil destroy the houses. If the morons who run Fannie Mae would not put so many road blocks in front of people who want to but the houses they would all be sold by now.

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