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'Housewife' Kim Zolciak Shares Intimate Pregnancy Photo {PopEater}

May 4th 2011 8:59AM

She looks like a mannequin and, frankly, he sometimes looks mildly retarded. You would HAVE to be some what "off" to be w/her, anyway. I imagine kissing her tastes like silicone, cheap wine and Newports. She is a VILE human being.

Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Explains Cocaine Photos {PopEater}

Mar 14th 2011 4:50PM

Seriously, can u IMAGINE having someone that looks like Whitney Houston (in spite of everything she has been through) for a mom and LOOKING LIKE THAT!!! Bobbi, dear, CRACK IS WACK!!!

Think Twice: Teen Fined $2900 for Illegally Downloading a Movie {Just So You Know}

Feb 28th 2011 12:52PM

Only FOOLS pay 4 music in these days! ANY and EVERY THING is uploaded on Youtube and there are soooooooo many sites that convert the videos to mp3. I mean, I myself would NEVER do it, but I hear others do...

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