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Swimming Pool Pops Above Ground, Leaving Florida Family High and Dry {AOL Real Estate}

Oct 11th 2013 8:22PM

Sounds like the pool was built in a swampy area....with a high water table level. Not good. A pool is a hole in the ground that you throw money into. And that you have to worry about little kids and pets drowning in .

Pilot's New Book Argues 'Everything You Know About Air Travel is Wrong' {Gadling}

May 14th 2013 10:05PM

Most airplane crashes are caused by pilot error. Most car crashes are caused by the nut behind the wheel.

'The Hop' Takes Suitcases Hands-Free {Gadling}

Oct 2nd 2012 11:41PM

good way to lose your suitcase....electronic / computerized devices get glitches in them and quit working ........just when you need them.

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