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'Teen Mom' Star Amber Portwood Charged in Assault Against Former Fiance {PopEater}

Nov 19th 2010 6:50PM

Something is definetly wrong with society... That 16 yearold's are being glorified for getting knocked-up. And seeing how great a job that her parent's did of raising her, that make's perfect sense to have them get custody of this little girl. Such a shame that people who can afford, want, would be great parent's, are having trouble with fertility issues and yet 16 Y.O. tramp's are spitting out babies like watermellon seed's.... I hope someone with half a brain does something about this whole mess !!!

8 Small Dog Nutrition and Feeding Tips {Pawnation OLD}

Aug 29th 2010 3:37PM

Unfortunatly I am a smoker, and i'm wondering if my dog is succeptable to second hand smoke ? I try to smoke out of the presence of my little dog, but there are occasion's where she is in the same room when I do smoke. ( I know that quitting is the best for both of us), but some times that is not an option. I feel so guilty... I love my dog very much, she is the closest I will ever have to a human child, I have tryed to quit on many occasion's, and so far it's just not going very well.... I hope that this is the month that iI finnally quit, any suggestion's? I have tryed the (patch), (the quit-smoking pill), (will power) and last but not least (Guilt)..... what can I do to increase my chances of stopping for good ? ? ?! ! !! ! ! ! ! HELP !

Company Drug Testing and Background Checks: What to Expect When Hired for a New Job {AOL Jobs}

Jun 20th 2010 3:22PM

it's called a hair-follicle test, they drug test for a lot of thing's these day's, why not welfare ?? How about being legal in order to receive these government benefits ??? No place like the good ole U.S.A., huh ? sometimes it's better to be the illegal, ya seem to qualify for more than American citisens who were born here !!

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