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11 Outrageous Taxes {WalletPop}

Mar 6th 2011 8:35PM

I'm curious to know what negative impact eating a bagal at the site of purchase has on society. And for that matter why gambling is considered a sin in NYC when the powers-that-be spend much of their tax revenue advertising off track betting and a slew of lotteries, or why a fine of $500. should be punitive when tax dollars are already specified for emergency civil response. The one you missed that is now being debated is the New York state wide "literacy fee" (read tax of $1.00) per admission for persons over the age of 18 to be admitted to a state funded library. I would submit it is time the administors of New York's tax dollars get their collective head out of their bloated asses and their hands out of the citizen's pockets. A 20 year old graduate 10 days out of the worst business school in the country could do a better job spending New York's tax revenues.

Somalia's Al-Shabab bans handshakes between men and women {Gadling}

Feb 17th 2011 8:09PM

First off Oswald "Africa" is not a country it's a continent with over fifty coutries of which the United States contributed over $400 billion dollars in foreign aid during the past 10 years not to mention the the farm impliments and tech assistance provided by "The Alliance For Progress," or the "Lend/Lease program participated in by the very American corporations you condem. I will not even mention the contributions made by over 150 private charities; then there's Bill Gates who donated 4 billion to fight AIDS in Africa. I'm sure your mother gave you civic books to read but you probably just ate the pages.

Somalia's Al-Shabab bans handshakes between men and women {Gadling}

Feb 10th 2011 9:22PM

Hey Laydeemuslim: I would be very happy to see you and all other Somali muslims like you leave my country and return to your own country where you, the warlords and other stoneage thinking zelots would surely be flogged in public for communicating with me "a man." We actually don't care about Somali people we simply would like to see the thieving warlords and pirates keep their crimes within the borders of thair own country. Socially autistic idiots like you are preverting and will eventually destory one of the most ancient, beautiful and peaceful religions on earth. Too bad for you; Satan awaits.

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