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Rob Olson of Lake Elmo, Minn., Destroys His Entire Lawn With Weed Killer {AOL Real Estate}

Jul 17th 2012 9:33PM

I hope it was cancelled for HEALTH and SAFETY reasons; if it was cancelled for the sake of Vanity, THAT would be the travesty of it all; so sorry for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation --

Antonio Banderas absent for part of Melanie's battle with addiction {Celestrellas}

Sep 26th 2011 3:26PM

I know all about it; I come from a family full of addictions. My mother became addicted to pain killers--it was her escape from my half-sister who was/is/and will always be an Addict; Her father was/is/and will always be a Gambling Addict. He was a Liar, Cheater, and a Thief. Been 'hiding' in Vegas for over 20 yrs. His daughter was first addicted to cocaine as a teenager--which was a family nightmare in and of itself; then ICE took a hold of her, and that was all she wrote. Over a period of 25 years, She lied, stole, cheated; never worked for a living. Her idea of work was having 7 kids w/3 guys so she could get 'paychecks' from the gov't. My brother, on the other hand, was/is/and will always be--an Alcoholic. Our father comes from a family of Alcoholics; Our Grandmother was a Classic 'Functioning Alcoholic' who had two jobs and 5 kids to feed--her husband, Our Grandfather, died at age 39 of Diabetes. But Alcoholic Gramma didn't worry about raising the kids; she spent her hard-earned money on alcohol. THAT is my brother; 'Functioning Alcoholic'. His common-law wife of over 30 yrs.--whom I consider my sister-in-law--is a frickin' SAINT for all the Sh-- she has put up w/him. I love him dearly; he's generally a Happy Hawaiian; but 'on the bottle'? He's a Hard-Working/Hard-Playing, Drunk-Driving, Abusive A-hole...with Diabetes. He is the reason I made "Alcoholism" -- one of my "deal-breakers" when I dated; didn't want to deal with the baggage that came along with aaalll THAT... F--- That Sh--!

Kudos to Antonio Banderas for his loyalty to his wife, despite this inherant disease, "Addiction", that has wreaked havoc on generations of families all over the world. It says a lot about his character; you just don't see that kind of... "chivalry" these days; anywhere--especially in Hollywood.

Men of the World! Pay heed; THIS is the kind of Man that gets women all kinds of f---ing CRAAAAZY WILD; Fantasies Abound! Like, if He were to come gift-wrapped under my Christmas Tree? I would unwrap his ass in a frickin' heartbeat--right in front of my husband... have a little menage-a-trois on the sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace... Melanie Whooo? (snap!)

DAMN! That daydream was going so well... Curse You Mela-niiiiee!!! You don't know how good you have it GF !!

Miss Universe Leila Lopes answers fraud allegations, critics {Celestrellas}

Sep 26th 2011 2:39PM

What did the Hot Dog say when he crossed the finish line first?

"I'm the Weiner! I'm the Weiner!"

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