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Demolish Taj Mahal? Indian Pol Muhammad Azam Khan Says it Should Have Never Been Built {AOL Real Estate}

Feb 2nd 2013 5:19PM

Everything else aside....Public funds?? There was no such concept in the 17th century. The taxes and fees collected were for the benefit of the reigning build palaces, temples, churches, estates...whatever they was their money collected from their subjects. Louis XIV was building Versailles at roughly the same time....all across the Western World monarchs were building larger and more massive palaces surrounded by ever larger pleasure grounds. The concept that the money being spent was "public funds" just didn't exist....a completely bungled understanding of history mixed with current thought.

Justinianos' Bronx Home is 12 Inches From Apartment Building Construction, and It's Ruining Their View {AOL Real Estate}

Jan 19th 2013 3:28PM

Keep in mind...Dick and Jane, or whoever lives in the little house, knew that the property line was 12 inches from their cute little house. Everytime they cleaned their gutters, they were trespassing, everytime they painted, or got little Tommy's ball off the roof...they were tresspassing...they knew where their property ended since they bought the house.
So the view was never "theirs"....they understood that 12 inches from their house belonged to someone else. Dick and Jane gambled on the belief that no one would build on the empty lot, they gambled on the belief that if someone built there, the new owner would have the same aesthetic taste as they did. They lost their bet.

Now....if Dick and Jane wanted to assure that they would always have a nice view and space to service the side of their house...they could have bought an easement on the lot next door....they could have bought the lot outright. But they didn't.
The new owner of the lot has rights as well. Bob, we'll call him, checked city codes, found out what saftey, fire, and building codes had to be met for his new construction...and he and his architect met those codes. Bob went through the long, long process of one city dept after the next reviewing and verifying that Bob's plans met every city code....and Bob was given permission to build.
Dick and Jane could have reviewed those codes as well....they are published on line for everyone to see...Dick and Jane knew that someone had the right to build on the property line 12 inches from their windows....but did they fight the building codes? did they purchse the land? did they do anything?? or was their only hope to hedge their bet to complain about Bob, who went through all the proper channels to get approval to build on his property?? No points for Dick and Jane in my book.

Christina Aguilera Botches National Anthem at Super Bowl, Admits Mistake {PopEater}

Feb 7th 2011 7:04PM

Her performance was terrible...just for a start....she lost the melody several times as she tried to impose her "style" on our National Anthem...and then to flub the words!!!!

Why can't the NFL, or any team that starts with this, our most sacred song...find someone who can actually sing written...with out imposing their personal interprtation?? Loose the ego, and sing our song with the respect and dignity it deserves!!!

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