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Trouble Blooms: Condo Board Sues Resident Over Flowers {AOL Real Estate}

Mar 20th 2012 5:56PM

These HOA's... are out of control... a bunch of barking snapping bitchy dogs.. and that goes double for the likes of Mrs. Sandra Roberts.. They are flowers you stupid people, They are an example of wonder and joy... they greet you with color and hope... of course most Arse holes around this country wish to cut them off by thier wee heads.. ( the flowers) why is it that so many are wishing to wipe out any beauty-- strike out at the ugly!!! all of this is such bloddy BS... Take back your homes and your rights, it's hard enough to pay for them and struggle to keep them up, now you have to deal with a bunch of pissy highhanded crumb suckers... All of these HOA's.. .why don't you go to H E LL and re-decorate it...

Delta Air Lines charges returning soldiers for checked bags {Gadling}

Jun 8th 2011 1:06AM

Dear Delta Air,

You by now have discovered how quickly greed or ingnorant business will effect the bottom line.... Your most likely running quickly to fix or back-peddle the poop to clean and refluff your image... It can go from 100 to 0 in nano seconds these days.. Please don't think your alone.. it's a virus/quick compu world and one that can crush a company for the slightest screw up.. But this one is beyond understanding- These young men and woman sent themselves into horror that God knows will take forever to heal in the hearts and minds of these beings ( We will not go into the need or lack of for War) The fact is it's been fully explained our service persons have consistantly recieved a very shotty deal in thier returning home since the onset of Modern war-making ( my wish--- have we all had enough??) but now lay low and pay hard and fast to your company that has had more then a few bail outs from it's country so you can continue to gut and overcharge the basic traveler-- your lack of well advised service/desk reception employess have further caused trauma to the wallets of these brave and well meaning young souls... Now you clearly learned your lesson... Run a clean business, work hard to do right by your clients, don't over charge and asssess nonsence fees like a dixi cup of juice for 5 plus dollars and a $50 fee for 2 lbs overweight for a bag... it's out of control... everything /all of it!!! YOUR PAYING THE PRICE.... CLEARLY $2,800 would have been a small bill to swallow compared to a large populace of the country that will now choose not to fly your wings... Sad is it not!!!!

Phoebe Prince's Mom Speaks Out, Faces Daughter's Bullies {ParentDish}

May 6th 2011 4:27PM

Hmmm.. I am now 43, However growing up in a small town going to a Catholic school.... I was bullied and tourmented- everyday for 6 years.. I found a way to turn away my anger.. I forgave these kids everyday.. and believed it was my fualt, I was thrown around like an old sock, rocks were thrown at me a new version of run and duck or kill the queer as they called it.. I was spit on, pissed on in the coat closet-- I even had a nun that was without mercy she was sadly also a drunk, she's now dead... 2 of the bullies are now dead, I don't hate any of them... but it took time and a lot of love and tough work-- Teachers you know who is being hurt you see it.. parents you know what's going on wake up! (if your like any of the folks on this board.. how will any child learn to be a complete person?) help these kids.. leed your children to be gentle loving souls- turn off those damm tv's and stupid computer games and play, learn about each other. In the end that's all you really have, when times up-- you missed the boat. IT's a sad cruise home if you have no one in your ship that you know!!!

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