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Fashion Icon Alexander McQueen Found Dead {PopEater}

Feb 11th 2010 12:17PM

You are cruel

Hot Seat: Clinton's Speech {Politics Daily}

Aug 28th 2008 1:32AM

Whom ever is a Hillary supporter then votes for McCain or say's there not gonig to vote now, vote at all are ignorant idiots! And I hope after the election you will be able to sleep wiht yorself wiht a clear consience. I hate to throw ugly words around, But, geez, I blogged some REALITY, back several pages about the averge Joe, who I am, but no longer, avergae, I am less than, not due to hard work and prayers, but due to the last eight years of the Bush administration. And for you Hillary supporters that arn't voting,. that is a vote to McCain, and for you Hillary supporters that Vote for Mc Cain, get over it, what the heck is wrong with you? Arnt' the issues about what status our Country is in since the republicans are back in office. Did any one here, WHY are potatoes NINE DOLLARS AND NINETY-SEVEN CENTS FOR A 10LB BAG? THAT SHOULD BE THE ANSWER TO WHY YOU NEED TO VOTE FOR A Democrat despite resentsments about how Hillary may of been treated . As silly as that 10lb bag of potates may sound, it is the cruel cold hard facts about the State of our economy, not mention, proverty,unemployment,American jobs going over seas, forien affairs, fair and adequate medical care for all, ENERGY, paying bills,and the list goes on. The Bush administration flushed the American Dreams right down the toliet and McCain is his follwer. I am a Hillary supporter,and for person that stated one "The Clintons" are going to vote for McCain, your Dumber than a box of cracker jacks! Sorry, but one thing the Clintons are and that is Loyal to the Democratic party. I know, my Grandmnother (who is passed) had been a member of the Women's Democratic Party, from Arkanasas, and personally new the Clintons. I guess, if any hasn't noticed, The United States of America is in a all around Crisis. Ah, it just stikes a raw nerve when when people grip and complain, and say they want change, then they abuse there God given right to vote for what is best for our future, our childrens future,and our grandchildrens future, because there canidate didn't make the it. Get over it, I supported Hillary, now my choice has to be Obama. And if you waste or throw you vote out of resentment, don't cry when you loose your job, can't feed your faimly,your Son, Daughter, grandchild dies on forenin land " not to fight terriosm but what did Bush say why we were going to Iraq? "Weapons of Mass Distruction". You watch a loved one not be able to get Chemo treatment because they don't have insurance and all the medical funding is almost obslete,or your baby has to sit and wait in a filthy hospital for over 24 hours with 104 tempeture, your home foreclosed on, that's if your lucky enough to have one, should I go on. No I think not I am probably wasting my time. But, I can just strike one nerve with you MCCain supporters, or to the ones that are switching there vote to Mc Cain, since Hillary is not on the Ballot or not voting at all,which is just giving your vote to Mc Cain. If you want TRUTH and REALITY speak to me, I've been a hard working, educated, single mom of 4 children, that's is now disabled due to an act of crime, on SSI, Medicade, lost there home, can't afford potatoes, sold there good reliable vehichle, couldn't afford the gas or Insurance.
And guess what, I need surgies, can't get them, can't get the medical treatment I need, or dental treatment,
due the the Bush administration's cuts, also, what is really sad, is I want to work,and guess what, The state won't let me, you know why. The Bush Administation cut any funding to help in my rehabilitation so I can become self-sufficient. I will get even more blunt honest my income is $623.00, I do not collect food stamps, I live in the south, If you are a racist, I am "white", I live in Louisiana, first hand saw the effects of Katrina, due to family, friends living in New Orleans and the surronding area's, and what did Bush do there? New Orleans and Mississippi,are still in a state of distruction. I still have friends that are displaced and don't have there families together and are not living off government checks. I have seen and have experienced myself, but worse what my family and children have had to endure due to the "Rebuplican Party". And you know what, I am more blessed that most. There are familes that are far worst off than I am. So for you Hillary supporters, if you turn your vote to McCain, or don't vote, shame on you! And to you McCain supporters wake up and smell the truth, open your eyes and look at what has happend in the past 8 years, The decline of America, and God forbid
if something tragic happens to you or a family memeber and needs help, you will then understand, and wished you would of voted for a DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT. And if you still vote for MCCain don't complain about the gas and energy prices, the cost of food, why your gandson maybe having such a hard time finding a job, or your education system. So if you want the next 4years to be like the last 8 years, don't complain when you are paying $15.00 for a bag of "POTATOES"
ps My 22 year old son-in-law is in the Military.

Hot Seat: Clinton's Speech {Politics Daily}

Aug 27th 2008 7:00PM

Vincent Brown: I couldn't agree with you more. Thats why I state we must unite and put REALITY and AMERICA first, and what is really happening to America, not personalities. No vote, is a vote for Mc Cain! and also if you are on a Hillary supporter and really listened to what she stated in her speach,is for her supportes to is to go forth, not to endure and let America decline. So for you Hillary supporters, I was one, stay with you Party and do as she stated to you last night in her speech! The reason I felt Hillary would be a good president was due to her experience also. If you are truly a Hillary supporter and Democrat then vote democrat and get over your resentments. At least she will have more support and say, doing what she wants to get done as a Senator, if we have a Democrctic President. The Repulicans will shoot her down, do you want that to happen too?
Also, I have stated this all my life, Hatered breeds hatered, and Racism breeds racism... Let Unite and do what is best for us all... The world could become a much better place, isn't that what we want and so desperatly need?

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