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Still? Chelsea Handler Pokes Fun at Kirstie Alley's Weight {PopEater}

May 12th 2011 9:57PM

OH....right...she probably couldn't dance to save her life and would be licking the floor she accused Kirstie of breaking....with her loud mouth... as she fell on her face in disgrace !

Prince William and Kate Middleton Marry at Westminster, Kiss at the Palace {AOL Royal Wedding}

Apr 29th 2011 11:29AM

>>>>>>>HEY TONY >>>>>> HELLOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!

Bush/Cheney.....What an idiot ! Where have you been,,,,there's a NEW Idiot in the White House....that's YOUR FAULT and your kinds fault not MINE! So don't keep blaming the last guy for what YOUR guy is making worse......!

Makeover Diaries: A Slimmer, Smoother and Sexier New Me {StyleList (Main)}

Feb 13th 2011 2:47PM

Hey folks....why not just a good congratulations....and keep on keepin on....geesh...she has come so far... why knock her down already....and who said she's finished...????

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