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Yamato-Damashii Diaries - Day 8: The Infamous City of Minamisanriku {MMA Fighting}

Apr 20th 2011 10:07PM

Last I heard from Enson he was still having problems I pray that Paypal got a soul and realized what he was doing was nothing but helping from deep inside his heart.

Rent vs. buy: Top five cities where it's better to buy (or rent) a home {WalletPop}

Oct 9th 2010 3:48PM

Are you kidding me? Arlington TX? Let me think. Hmmmm. NO! It is a traffic nightmare. Now, the Cowboys stadium has made it worse. Landlords get away with roaches and rats, no matter where you live in that city.

Michelle Obama Makes Surprise Haiti Visit to Support Humanitarian Effort {Politics Daily}

Apr 13th 2010 2:44PM

I see it as pure PR for Obama. I had known Joe Biden all my life but I have to say this administration hasn't done as much as I thought they would within the time they have been in office. I cross my fingers that changes. I do agree that her visit and the money it costs to do a "surpise" visit could have gone to a better use there.

I do ask when there is a national disaster anywhere, why are we always the ones that have to give more than every other country. I can see it being done for the humans involved. I just question it once in a while.

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