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Tiger Woods Alleged Mistresses Roundup {PopEater}

Dec 17th 2009 2:43PM

Let me get it are saying Tiger does not have to stoop so low in dating black women. That is the problem. Had he gone so low he would not have been in the situation he finds himself in today. You are just confirming that these girls that are with Tiger ..ALL OF THEM were in it for the money. Had he not have money, being black,half asian whatever he called himself (they all see him as black anyway)would not even spit at him. Now he knows who is friends are when and if he emerges again.

Tiger Woods Alleged Mistresses Roundup {PopEater}

Dec 17th 2009 2:30PM

You are absolutely correct. Just hit ball in the hole. They are nothing. They do not add up to Zero.

Plouffe Book: Bill Clinton Doomed Hillary's VP Chances, Obama Predicted Palin Choice Debacle {Politics Daily}

Oct 30th 2009 5:00PM

Wait a minute ... What do you all expect in 10 months? I suppose the entire America have jobs during the last 8 years. You are all just envious, stupid and still out of touch. Still can't believe that a black man with his lovely family is occupying the White House. Get use to it because he will be there for another four years. Counting the clock to 2012 for my next vote. By that time millions of people including me will have health insurance, home value will be back up, jobs will be available in galore, the debt will be paying down and it will continue to be Morning in America again as quoted by Ronald Regan.

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