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'The Karate Kid': Where Are They Now? {Moviefone Blog}

Jun 14th 2010 2:00AM

at least this forum is lots of laughs>

it could also be a political agenda for the smith family,getting his kid into acting would eventually create millions($)...i mean lets be realistic,ypu don't need much brains to be an actor although i do notice when they get famous all of a sudden they're wearing glasses(lol)as if to say now high and mighty i have grown a real brain but in reality these people used be dishwashers and the like,go on a few auditions get picked for the right look or whatever and then climb a few roles and wala!!!thats the truth.most actors and actresses were like all of us just regular people in crappy jobs(bruce willis>bar tender)etc..they tell you what to say and how to say it,if not ok then take 2/3/4/etc...dialogue coaches and such.its a luck shot to get a role on tv,svu law and order/friends/seinfeld/king of queens,do the math $500.000 per episode,make me sad as i was a funny guy at one time,have been told to go on the stage,i feel i'm too old and burnt out now at 48..wasted talent...but thats it and also furthermore this article was named where are they now not who sucks...macchio live near me i have heard in deer park long island,dropped out of hollywood after 3rd kk movie,probably had a few million,so why hasen't he come back ever to make a movie,was pretty good in the outsiders,was also on tv sitcom with decaprio in the early far as this kid being black,this should have no bearing,example>lindsey lohan in herby re-loaded,comlete junk,made me know then she's no actress just a hollywood DL...i haven't seen the movie,i don't go to the movies as there is really nothing i like playing(ever for 10 years)...will smith i feel was lucky like the rest of for his son,he should not act and be something better,can go i'm sure to any school then collage.ask any actor what they went through to get there.not the best thing if only for the big money they get eventually.

'The Karate Kid': Where Are They Now? {Moviefone Blog}

Jun 13th 2010 1:01PM

yeah well,will smith,never liked him as an actor,fresh prince of bel air to me was not good,his career was failing so in hw they alway team you up with someone good to boost your career,in his case it was enemy of the state with gene hackman.i thougt the movie ali was good but i feel he is overrated as an actor even while making millions.and i don't like the fact he never chaned his slave name of smith,imop he sold out to the white man for money and fame...his wife?well,she was on sitcoms in the 80s and 90s i think,so money meets money and hollywood keeps destroying its own industry for the almighty dollar.jackie chan?ultimate joke..stupidist movies i ever have seen,as bad as any non english sub titled chinese movies with fake moves and even worse plots like the one with chris tucker(?)what happened to him?lol..will smith is the token blackman in hollywood to replace denzel washington whi i thought was always a good,not racist,just how i see things,i can go on and on and name many white actors today that also stink....thankyou.

Hannah Altman: The 9-Year-Old CEO {AOL Jobs}

Jun 9th 2010 9:38PM

I have nothing against the girl smart enough to do this at a young age.but in a way i agree with terry(top post),the article failed to mention where did she get the 250.000 pencil toppers to sell?were they the one's she saw in the vending machine,if so would not she need to purchase them from the actual owner of them to re-sell?the article fails to address that part,if she decided to be a reseller ok butt he article makes it sound as she invented toppers and cashing it said,the ability to zone in on things before they go mainstream...and right to the guy who said how many different brands of everything in your house(exactly)turns out most people are too lazy to pursue a good idea,this girl acted on it and ok,great for her...

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