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Preschoolers Sense That More Attention is Paid to Middle-Class Kids {ParentDish}

Jun 8th 2011 4:32PM

I do NOT agree with this article. 'Taught kindergarten & elem. ed. for more than 15 years and the squeaky wheel gets the oil whether it's low income or not. Many times the lower income students require more face time due to the need for additional reinforcement. With the middle class students who've been given more "training" it allows for more instructional time and less behavior modification. Better teacher training is needed. Preschool teachers are very important but often require less education.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Could Face $200 Million Divorce {PopEater}

May 23rd 2011 12:04PM

People are leaving because they can't afford to live in California. And thanks to Arnold, the education system sucks. Oh, and we're broke.

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