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Video: Jerry O'Connell 'Auditions' for Sheen's Role {PopEater}

Mar 7th 2011 8:43AM

I love Jerry but without Charlie I will not ever watch 2 1/2 men. I guess this was a joke because Jerry is a much better actor than this but STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM CHARLIE'S PART.

Source: CBS Pondering a 'Men' Without Charlie Sheen {PopEater}

Feb 24th 2011 7:57AM

There is no 2 1/2 men without Charlie so I am not worried. I just wish he could be as happy as he makes me when I watch that show. Please God don't allow us to lose another icon.

15 Jobs That Pay $50 an Hour {AOL Jobs}

Oct 18th 2010 8:00AM

AOL is laying on the BULL**** now. Ask anyone that is a pilot or copilot. They aren't making squat. I have a Psychology degree and the ones practicing aren't making all that much unless they don't take insurance and have a private practice full of money bags. Mosty of my friends in Psychology have far more and somethimes worse problems than their patients. This article is crap...shame on AOL

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