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Kim Kardashian Defends Jessica Simpson Over Football Fat Joke {PopEater}

Oct 18th 2009 9:06AM

your kidding right. after simpson makes millions because she was built like a brick sh*t house, and all that time, came to noones defence because of their appearance, and knowing this is how she made her money. you dont think it was her views on global warming do you???? kim, please if your going defend someone, make it matter,

AOL Straw Poll: Sept. 11-18 {Politics Daily}

Sep 13th 2008 5:14PM

I’m finding this hole process insulting now. I read the reports today that obama cancelled his appearance on Saturday night live tonight because of the weather in Texas. Is he kidding me. What is it that he can possibly do about the unfolding event, maybe snl should just cancel the show altogether. Because the people in Texas are getting the hit from the hurricane . Or is it that obama doesn’t want to look uncaring and one up McCain ,when that nut toned down his convention. Because of the weather in the gulf last week. This isn’t about change. This isn’t about we the people, this is about obama playing the political game to get elected. This coming from the guy who is going to change DC from the bottom up.
There is nothing different going on here. Just as that mental midget bush convinced half the country that suddum had anything to do with the world trade center, and im shocked to find those people still belief it. So obama has convince his minion of sheep that its change we need. So lets all turn our lights out, lets all put the kids to bed early, lets all not eat tonight, let all hold our breath till the rains have stopped.
Lets all try really hard to act like we really care, tonight I say we all stay home, lets not laugh, or crack a joke, leave the bud in the refridg. or even say a word. Until the rain stops.
And while your at it obama and McCain lets morn for the men damaged and dead from your war of blunders and the hundreds of thousands of innocent people hitting the ground dead because we are there . thats right hundred of thousands.

Lol you both are a joke. Why don’t you both get with the program. You told us all what you want to do. Because that’s easy now tell us how. Tell us all just how your going to get all the crap done you say you will get done……or will you just blame the other guy when you fail. And you know that’s all you ll ever have to do . Blame the other guy… where is the change you are promising.
But for get all that now, obama stay off snl , this will save us all

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