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Marcus Dupree Reigns as King of the Ring in Philadelphia, Mississippi {Fanhouse NCAA Football Blog}

Feb 26th 2011 5:07PM

Marcus seems like he turned out just fine. There are not that many happy people in the world, and still fewer that get so much from the happiness of others. Seems like he won, overall. One thing I could do without though, is all the hyperbole on the part of commentors. Specifically,
1) to the poster who said Dupress benched 400lbs ten times for the coaches (at 200lbs, no less). Since the average advanced bencher handles about 77% of his max for 10 reps, this would put Marcus' one rep max at 525lbs (again, at 200 lbs). Sorry. Not buying it.
2) To the poster who noted that David Thompson would have been bigger than Michael Jordan had he gone to the NBA . . . Sorry, but Michael Jordan was a LOT more than vertical leaping ability. He is almost universally recognized as the best ever because of his ability to deliver when it counted - knocking down jumpers, floaters, playing unparalleled tough defense. etc.If vertical leaping ability were everything, Vince Carter would probably be the best ever. David was a decent jump shooter, an adequate defender. But no doubt, extraordinary leaping ability.

Brandon Spikes' Suspension Reportedly From ADHD Medication {Fanhouse NFL Blog}

Dec 11th 2010 9:48PM

Good catch on that. you are absolutely right.

How to Rescue Orphaned Kittens {Pawnation OLD}

Oct 26th 2010 8:48PM

Looks like someone is trying to prove what a badass he is.

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