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Pippa Middleton Inspires New Butt-Lifting Surgery {StyleList (Main)}

May 24th 2011 2:21PM

Now, I prefer the older concepts of beauty...Audry Hepburn, she is singly one of the most lovely women in Hollywood history...can there really be a comparison??? As for the world of Music, I favor the classic look of Carly Simon, classic sound, unforgetable!!! I can only say that the 30 years that have passed since I spent an evening at The Hot Tin Roof listening to Livingston Taylor I do regret still that little one bedroom in Edgartown, my husband wanted a day to think...omg...the worst allowance for his opinion I ever made, $20,000 for a small star to shine on the shores of my favorite ever place where my favorite ever artist lives...there will never be another

Pippa is cute, put a passing comet...Hepburn, Simon shining stars forever!

How I Learned to Love My Curls: From Poofy to Stick-Straight to Happy at Last {StyleList (Main)}

May 5th 2011 8:30AM

I am 58 and I spent 3/4 of my life hating my curly, frizzy hair, although I let it grow about 2 1/2 feet long, but it was seriously trouble to try to comb out after washing and took a good half to 3/4 of an hour. When I got to be 45, and I was teaching emotionally disturbed/behaviorally disordered K-3, Finishing my Master's degree, working on my research, and being chauffer to my 6th grader to math and economic meets (yeah, they do have them, like sports, but typically only the parents show up for the meets, not even their principals, but when it looks like a student or a team will win the "Gold" at the end of the year, even the Superintendent shows up, even if the other team is a district a hundred miles away), I simply had too much time to worry about my curly hair, so it grew out and my colleagues wowed me for my new look, ok that's great, because I was tormented throughout jr. and sr. high by the "cool" girls who determined who was in and who was out and had to be bullied, and not only did they torment me for my way too curly and frizzy hair, I also lived in the ghetto of the city and we were poor so I shopped in thrift shops, which gave them further fodder.

In any case, there were bullies in my time, in my oldest brother's time, im my mother's time, during hippies, the yippies, the yuppies, the guppies, the dinks, and apparently no one has learned anything from all the Lord cursed behavior, because we still have bullies, and the case of the 6 older teens in Hadly, Massachusetts who tormented this girl who had moved to America until the day of their last hurl, to go and kill herself, which she did, only exemplifies the lack of parenting, because this kind of bullying wouldn't happen if these teens, almost adults, had been taught, morality, ethics, charity or even an ounce of mercy.

Parents, if you know that your kids are bullying others, PLEASE stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW, and ask yourself, have you modeled morality, ethics, charity and mercy in front of your children? How do you treat other people in front of them, and how do you talk about them behind their backs? Do you make obvious donations in the company of your children to perhaps select a child to sponsor, or choose a livestock gift to a Third World Nation, perhaps a flock of chicks, or a goat, or ducks, which from their first flock or brood they must share with neighbors thus giving them a chance as well (its the Heiffer Corporation and Arizona is not a Third World Nation and I don't know how Governor Brewer got her state on the list but I think it is shameful with all the millionaires in her state that she would stoop to begging on a list of Third World Nations, but that's just my opinion), never pass a holiday Salvation Army Kettle without at least a quarter or a dollar if you can afford it (just keep a stash in your purse and give it to your little to medium child to stick it in and say Merry Christmas, no matter what your religion is because they are Christians), if there's a park clean-up get your kids up early that Saturday and let them know it is their earth they are cleaning up for their own future, if you're healthy enough, take your kids on a charity 5K run so they know their are other ways of contributing to the community, check with the school to see if they might know of other charity events that you can get involved in, take your kids to a thrift shop every now and then because all the thrift shops I go to are for charities, and its and extra way of giving while recognizing the Christian humility that is ours and share it with those who can only afford thrift shops, and remind them that Congress is planning on making it a requirement that anyone recieving help from the government will be required to shop ONLY at thrift shops, even for a birthday or Christmas present.

As a parent it is your DUTY to sensitize your children to the meaning of money, morality, ethics, charity, and mercy. If you do this, I guarantee you, they will have too much heart to hurt another, and if you support them when they take a stand for the good, they just might intervene and make the victim their friend and possibly prevent a suicide. And the stronger their voice, the weaker the voices of the bullies, once they know the gig is up and perhaps even in the school newspaper she or he can write an editorial about the bashing of peoples hearts and if they want to do it, then do it to each other, since it apparently doesn't bother them.

Whatever you do, parents, DO SOMETHING !!! Being rich and buying them every thing they want isn't good enough to make you a good parent. Teaching your children to behave kindly is much more important, that they learn to care about other people, and do get involved with efforts and groups that are charitably inclined, encouraging your children by modeling charitable and merciful behavior yourselves, these are the things you can do to lead your children to grow up to be sociably and psychologically fully developed adults prepared to belong to our society, and always remember, God has eyes.

A Slice of the Royal Wedding: Papa John's Pizza Portrait {AOL Royal Wedding}

Apr 26th 2011 8:09AM

Wouldn't it be neat if a good portion of the profits from the sales of all these novelties were donated to local homeless organizations, as Prince William has devoted his energies to continue Princess Diana's efforts and goals. Then, it wouldn't be commercialistic but humanistic, that I think would be a truly royal gift to the Royal Couple...then send a photograph which they may make a real Wedding Photo Album of gifts of charity in honor of the Royal Couple and Princess Diana, something you cannot take away, something that does not tarnish, and something that will show William just how much the public love Diana for her great Charity and miss her great mercy, too.

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