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Miley Cyrus 'Can't Be Tamed' Has Arrived {PopEater}

Apr 30th 2010 5:52PM

So sad how far she has fallen in a matter of months. I am not sure WHO is influencing her decisions at the moment (Liam HemsworthLESS) I suspect, but they are FAILING. Miley is so busy trying to be "grown", she does not realize that she alienating the ones who got her where she is now, her fans. If this is the kind of crap she plans to sing? Then I am glad she is quitting music. And that is HARD for me to say. I am just so disappointed in her. It is like that Hannah episode. She is trying to change to keep an audience that loved her just the way she was, and does not want her to change. Now, I am not sure who Miley is any more. 2 years I have defended her. No MORE. I suspect the video will be whorish and lame too. Brittany, X-stina, Madonna ....already did this Miley. Thought you were a trend setter, not a follower.

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