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Alberto Contador Tests Positive for Clenbuterol, Latest Tour Title in Doubt {Fanhouse Main}

Sep 30th 2010 10:48AM

He's a cheat and the ICU are a bunch of hypocritical American haters. Armstrong is the honest man in the sport.

Katy Perry's Sexy Christmas Present to All {PopEater}

Dec 14th 2009 4:29AM

If Katy Perry were a hot dog, I'd be her bun.

Mike Tyson Doesn't Want to Know Details of Daughter's Death {PopEater}

Oct 10th 2009 2:09AM

All you Iron Mike haters have never made the mistakes the former champ has but maybe you didn't grow up with the train load of challenges and shortcomings that shaped his social and pysycological position. And most of you Iron Mike haters probably have never been to the top of the world like 'Iron Mike' either but that doesn't make you a loser. What makes you a loser is how you could speak so harshly about such a tragic loss with a complete lack of respect for the affected. My thoughts and prayers go out to Exodus and her family.

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