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Wedding Belles: How I Finally Fell In Love With My Mother's Wedding Dress {StyleList (Main)}

May 5th 2011 7:28AM

This story was juststupid. First the headline made you think something it was NOT and the whole article was just a waste of space and time.

Josh and Anna Duggar Expecting Second Child {ParentDish}

Nov 11th 2010 8:49PM

Do some of you people even know what you are talking about? If you watch the show you would know that they do NOT owe anyone anything. They pay as they go and NEVER have taken a hand out. They pay for everything they buy with cash; they have to pay for their own insurance ect. What also amazes me is that people will say who am Ito judge and then they go right around and judge the Duggars. I don’t agree with some of what they do but I can tell you this I have watched the show now for many seasons and have never heard them say a negative word about anyone. They children are respectful and kind. You will never her a BLEEP sound on the show because they never use foul language. I could only wish that some of the children today would act as they do. This world would be a better place.

Giuliana and Bill: 'We're Ready to Try for a Baby Again' {PopEater}

Nov 1st 2010 3:19PM

You must care you are reading and posting about them....

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