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Estella Warren's House For Sale {Shelterpop}

May 28th 2011 6:12PM

I think it's the most uglyiest house I have ever seen. Good luck with getting your price!!

Kelsey Grammer Fights for Full Custody of Children {PopEater}

May 17th 2011 9:22PM

These children belong with their Mother. I don't see any reason why she sould not have full custody. She hasn't done anything wrong.

Jesse James Recalls Abusive Childhood Leading to 'Breaking Point' {PopEater}

May 3rd 2011 11:51AM

You know, although I had a great childhood, and exceptionally wonderful parents, my husband did not, and had to go through some pretty awful things, like not having food to eat, and being cold all of the time, no clothes to wear, so give me a break James!! My husband is a gem, yes, that's right a solid gem, who doesn't cheat on me, doesn't drink, doesn't abuse me or our children, so fess up to your own mistakes, and stop blamin other people for the choices you have made in life. No, it doesn't help to look back on a bad childhood, and have bad memories about your parents, but no one has a perfect life. I was bullied in school, and in the workplace, and I was not a child when this happened to me, so great.....You have changed and are starting over, but take responsibility for what you have done, and stop blaming everyone else!!

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