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John Mayer Chokes Up at Show Over Playboy Scandal {PopEater}

Feb 11th 2010 9:02AM

What a WORM this guy is! Everytime I hear something about him, it
reinforces what I think about him and why I really don't care for him at all ... and why I can't even listen to his music. If I was this guy's manager I would advise him to S.T.F.U.F. ("shut the f**K up forever")

McDonald's may win in court over teen's charity name, but losing big in court of public opinion {WalletPop}

Jan 27th 2010 5:18PM

What a bunch of McCrap! I'm sure McD's would want that name too? Well ... they now deserve it by their actions with this girl and , of course, their McCrappy food!

AIG execs threaten to quit if pay is cut {DailyFinance}

Dec 7th 2009 4:08PM

... and these are the same guys that would be already looking for another job is not for us taxpayers safing their ass! These guys are certainly the "cream of the crop" in their fields, as they have demonstrated.
Let the pain and lower pay begin for these loosers. As thugh their resumes will get them the next high paying job. Obviously, they didn't care about their Company in the past and still don't today. AIG need some new blood since the old guard already showed us how they can gambled the entire Company away already!

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