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Jeff Conaway Dead at 60 {PopEater}

May 27th 2011 3:32PM

Another victim of Dr. Drew's "rehab". How many of his patients have died now? And yet everyone continues to give him a show while he makes money on the back of sick addicts who need anonymity in treatment, not exploitation. RIP.

SeaWorld Fined in Whale Trainer's Death {AOL Travel News}

Aug 23rd 2010 8:42PM

Anyone criticizing Sea World clearly hasn't seen the fruits of their effort. Sea World is one of the largest rehabilitation facilities for marine wildlife and does a tremendous amount of work to educate the public. Sea World trainers have swam with killer whales for 50 years without this incident. If anything, their rules towards whales are incredibly lax. They don't even have to perform, they open the gates prior to the show and the whales either swim out or they don't, no one forces them and they cancel the show if they don't swim out. Those whales have round-the-clock medical care and food and no shortage of whale and human interaction. Yes, the whales are in captivity, but because children and adults alike get a chance to be educated about them face-to-face, they learn to care about these animals and many people grow up inspired to work in the fields of marine biology and animal conservation because of these experiences. Shamu is a sacrificial lamb but what he does for his species is incredible. As a long-time fan and visitor of this park since childhood, I've seen their treatment of animals firsthand and they have amazing policies. Where they erred was having a whale that killed a trainer at another amusement facility. He should rightfully be left in the pod as social position is a reality in orca families and he is the bull male. Tilikum was not part of the show as far as trainers swimming with him to begin with, Dawn knew the risks she was taking and insisted on being in close quarters with this known violent unpredictable creature. All of the trainers know the risks they are taking and willingly do so, I'm willing to bet if Dawn still had a voice she would want the work she died for to continue, knowing that the work she does changes lives. And it does.

The Queen's 10-year pay freeze has the royal family facing the axe {WalletPop}

Jun 23rd 2010 4:12PM

It's awful that a group of ignorant uneducated Americans are often the first to open their mouths on topics they do not understand and create a bad name for the rest of us.

I'm sorry you have financial problems, but that's not the Queen's fault. As an American, even I understand the important symbolic role she plays for her country and how she represents it around the world. I don't think there's anything wrong with curbing her salary and making budget cuts where necessary, but to criticize her and her role in her country is as dumb as it gets.

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