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Bristol Palin: 'It's Over' With Levi Johnston {PopEater}

Aug 4th 2010 12:14AM

Patty I agree with you 100%. And I dont think we need proper grammar to make the point that these people are really getting old. These are the too gooders that look down on everyone else but make the stupid choices that make them no better than we are.
tHose whO take Up for thEM r obvioUSlY no beTtER ThAn They R.

Stuart Weitzman Boots Giveaway. Plus, His Tips on How to Wear {StyleList (Main)}

Dec 5th 2009 8:54PM

GORGEOUS BOOTS!!! I have recently purchased some new clothes to accomadate my new size. Since I quit smoking 3 years ago I have gained 60 pounds and out grew everything. My new denim skirt would be great with the boots or any of my new jeans. It is almost impossible to find great boots with a low heel. Thanks for the chance to own a pair of boots I otherwise would not be able to own.

Cookie Monster Mistakes Tyra Banks' Butt for a Cookie {PopEater}

Dec 3rd 2009 9:10PM

It's possible, Tyra is a cheap skanky HO!!!!!

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