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Elizabeth Taylor's Friends Tell Hate Church to 'Bring It On' {PopEater}

Mar 24th 2011 9:54AM

Thank you Jane... The really scary thing about this is that Supreme Court chose to rule in their favor. The Bible plainly states...... That GOD so Loved the world that HE gave his only begotten son. You believe all of it or none of it.. Shame on them. To the little church out of Topeka, Kansas. The world will be a much better place with out you and all the hate that YOU are spewing.

Republicans Love 'Modern Family,' Democrats Favor 'Dexter,' New Study Shows {AOL TV}

Nov 11th 2010 4:21PM

Now you know that Glen Beck admitted that his show is not about truth or untruth. He is a commentator. He has his own input to the stories. Because you agree with him does not make him one of the best shows. I would advise that you watch none of the political crap and then you can make a wise decision based on what you know. Not want Glen Beck or any of the others have to say. Americans are a bunch of followers. I will be happy when someone takes the lead. BUT I don't see a leader in our future.

Elin Nordegren Breaks Silence With 'People' Interview {Fanhouse Backporch}

Aug 25th 2010 1:26PM

Yeah I have something to say. She did not put her hand on the heart during the National Anthyem so maybe she really did not have her heart into everything else. This is America and she could at least follow our traditions if she wants to stay here. Nuff Said!

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