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'Jackass' Star Ryan Dunn Driving 'About 130 MPH' When He Crashed {PopEater}

Jun 22nd 2011 11:21AM

SOoo the GENIUS coroner determined that traveling into a wall at 130 mph was the cause of death.. "blunt force trama" Gawwdd I wish I had that job.. It is kinda like the story about the falling victim was not killed by the fall but by the "stop" afterward. Or the victim that ran into the knife 47 times; That SKIRMARKS are what cause all auto accidents, because skidmarks are ALWAYS found at the scene of car accidents... And They get a nice gubment check at the end of their career....

Home Is Where the Spill Is: Visiting Camp BP {MyDaily}

Aug 25th 2010 11:26AM

Desperate writer... looking for a story. Boo Hooo ... No one of those PAID people with jobs is being held hostage !!!
The writer paula f. is a Douch3 Bag

'Be Thrifty': Guide to Living With (and Consuming) Less {Rented Spaces}

May 18th 2010 12:41PM

the last suggestion is so appropriate for todays writers and press etc.. "BECOME A FREELOADER!"
Live off friend's largesse, government handouts,
no wonder we have a SOCIALIST government running things now. sloppy article, why don't i have my "friends" etc supply me with all the other stuff in the article

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